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  • Borneo Cultural Village
  • Borneo Cultural Village
  • Borneo Cultural Village

Borneo Cultural Village

Located in Papar, Borneo Cultural Village is about 50 minutes away from city centre, Kota Kinabalu. BCV offers a cultural experience like no other. Upon entering, the green scenery will quickly give you the feeling of visiting a village and will make you anticipate the journey you are about to have. 
There are a number of cultural houses to experience different tribes such as Traditional Papar House, Murut House, Penampang House, Bajau House and Tidong House. Each house was built by the descendant of the ethnic they represent. Each house has a unique activity where you can participate such as in Murut House-Blow Pipe; or Tidung House- start fire with just bamboo; Bajau House-playing musical instrument. 
You can also try out local delicacies such as Ambuyat (made of Sago), Sago worms (not for the faint hearted) as well as local rice wine known as Tapai. 
To end your tour, you will be entertained with colorful cultural performance. BCV also features three restaurants; A Chinese Restaurant, Korean Restaurant and Halal Restaurant. 
Note: Manage by Borneo Wildlife and they package Borneo Cultural Village with Tours to Kota Klias – Proboscis Monkey and Firefly

Getting There

You may arrange your tour with tour operator or self drive/take a taxi to Borneo Cultural Village. It is about 50 minutes drive from city centre. 

Admission Fee

Entrance fee,

  *   Adult RM30.00 (walk in)

  *   Children : RM15.00 (under 12 years)

  *   Full Package : RM90.00 (including guide, demo, show and lunch)

  *  Guide Fee : RM15.00

Location Map

Contact Information

Ms. Margaret 

Office +60 88-239 857
Mobile +60 16-832 3870

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