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  • Sabah Art Gallery
  • Sabah Art Gallery
  • Sabah Art Gallery
  • Sabah Art Gallery
  • Sabah Art Gallery

Sabah Art Gallery

Art enthusiasts, feast your eyes on what Sabah Art Gallery. Marvel at the details of the unique ‘basket’ shaped building with decorative cultural motif panels of the indigenous people of Sabah. The building also happens to be the 1st Green building in Sabah and Borneo with silver accreditation by the Green Building Index Accreditation Panel in 2012.

With over 3000 paintings, carvings, and sculptures featured, the gallery plans and showcases more than 12 exhibitions annually to showcase new artists, new themes as well as new approaches in art.

If you are an art aficionado or just someone who appreciates art, this gallery is worth a visit.


Opening Hours

9am – 5pm, open daily except for Public Holidays. 

Getting There

From city centre, you may take a taxi or a bus to Sabah Art Gallery. It is about 7KM away from the city, taxi fare is from RM25 per taxi and around RM2 per person for a bus ride. 

Admission Fee

Malaysian (Above 18 years & above) : RM3.00
Children (7-12 years old) : RM1.00 
Students : RM2.00
Non Malaysian (Above 13 years) : RM 5.00
Non Malaysian (6 – 12 years) : RM 8.00

Location Map

+60 88-268 748
Fax +60 88-210 040

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