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D'Place Kinabalu

There aren’t many places in Sabah where you can sample authentic local dishes under one roof, which is why D’Place Kinabalu beckons adventurous foodies to sample the best of Kadazan Dusun delights when in Kota Kinabalu.

There are three set meals to choose from - Kadazan Set A, Kadazan Set B and the Ambuyat-Nantung Set. The Kadazan sets consists of Linopot (fragrant rice wrapped with Doringin or Sutangkap leaf), Sayur Kampung (local vegetables), Bambangan Om Tuhau (wild mango and ginger), Telur Masin (salted egg), Ikan Masin Masak Lada Putih (salted fish and white pepper), hinava (raw mackerel fish with lime), Lada Belacan (shrimp paste with chillies), Sambal Ikan Masin (salted fish paste) and traditional drinks. The difference between the Kadazan Set A and Set B are the side dishes; Set A offers Pinasakan Basungan (Boiled local fish) while Set B comes with Basungan Guring (Deep-fried local fish).

The Ambuyat-Nantung Set is a must-try. Dig in with the mains - one pot of Ambuyat-Nantung (sago), nangka masak lemak (jackfruit), sup pinasakan basungan (a type of fish soup) and basungan guring, accompanied with a side dish of acar timun (pickled cucumbers), bambangan, tuhau and hinava. And sauce? Dip the Ambuyat (gooey sago twirled on a stick or chopsticks) in a variety of flavours: D’Place Cicah, sambal belacan ikan masin (salted fish paste) or lada belacan (spicy shrimp paste) if you like spicy! Ambuyat goes well when eaten with tangy, spicy or salty dips.

D’Place is able to cater for events and seats up to 50 diners comfortably. For a real taste of Sabah, you’ve come to D’ right Place!

Kadazan Set

Location Map


2nd Floor, Plaza Shell
  Kota Kinabalu  Sabah


Mobile +60 10-228 2381
Mobile +60 16-833 2381

Business Hour

11.00am - 10.30pm daily (Mon-Sun)


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