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28 KM Death March Run

3 March 2018

Run (or walk) as you commemorate the Prisoners of Wars of the Sandakan Death Marches from the allied forces of the British and Australians who were captured by the Japanese army after they lost their battle in Singapore in February 1942. Known as the Death March, one of the infamous routes is at  Bukit Dompurongon, Kg. Marakau, Ranau, where this run will be held. The  event aims to promote rural tourism in the surrounding areas of the kampung, which makes it an ideal place to be visited by tourists. This sporting event is also held to promote and encourage the public on practicing a healthy lifestyle as well as PEMADAM’s role in creating an anti-drug awareness programme.

Ranau District Office / PEMADAM / JKKK Kg. Marakau, Ranau / Persatuan Belia Kg. Marakau, Ranau
Contact Person
Fauzi / BJ / Fadhley
+6 013 878 5933 / +6 019 809 0708 / +6 014 558 7870