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Ilau Iluui (Tapioca Festival)

3 - 4 Nov 2018

Tapioca has always been the staple food for the Murut tribe especially in the interior areas during the confrontation period and during the Japanese occupation in the state of Sabah. Ever since, this festival is celebrated in the Nabawan or Pensiangan areas, featuring dishes such as sago, side dishes, Tinungkap (roti canai), Tinanok (boiled yam) and more. In this regard, community leaders of the area are aware of the importance of promoting tapioca, as one of the agriculture produces to be a business product that can help boost their economy. Don’t miss the exhibition and sale of food products made from tapioca, tapai made from tapioca, cultural performances, and many more.

Location Map

Nabawan District Office
Event Venue
Pentas Terbuka, Majlis Daerah Nabawan
Contact Person
Nabawan District Office
087 366211
087 366212