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  • Notolon Tarob Festival

Notolon Tarob Festival

24 - 25 Oct 2018

The Notolon Tarob Festival (Solar Eclipse) is held in October to commemorate the solar eclipse that ook place in the Matunggong District on this date in 1995. This phenomenon is very rare and highly feared and respected by the Rungus people as they believe an eclipse is a sign of disaster if they are unable to appease a young sky god named Tarob. The celebration is held in a longhouse where family and friends gather to sing traditional songs and dance the mongigol sumundai to the mesmerizing beat of the gong. Other activities include cultural performances, the Matunggong Photography Carnival and open air market or Tamu Besar which will be exhibiting Rungus antiques.

Location Map

Rungus Photography Club, Sabah
Event Venue
Kg Tinangol, Matunggong, Kudat
Contact Person
Mr. Stephen Nogiris Sabala

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